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Each jurisdiction may request no more than two courses per calendar year.

 Non-NFA Courses
SelectCourse NameHrsVersion
Alternative Fuel Vehicle Safety and Incident Response (XTN095) 8.00New-2017
Emergency Services UTV/ATV Safety (XTN075) 8.002014
Emergency Vehicle Driver Training (XTN041) 16.002020
Emergency Vehicle Response Safety Program (XTN043) 4.002020
Fertilizer-Grade Ammonium Nitrate (FGAN) Hazards (XTN093) 8.002017
Fire Dynamics and Behavior for Structural Firefighting (XTN106) 8.002018
Fire Dynamics Smoke Reading (XTN107) 4.002018
Industrial Emergencies for Municipal-Based Responders (Phase I) (XTN081) 16.002014
L-180 Risk Management (Human Factors in the Wildland Fire Service) (XTN071) 4.002012
Large Animal Rescue Awareness & Operations: Integrating Veterinary Medicine & First Responders (XTN087) 20.002014
Large Animal Rescue Technician Level: Integrating Veterinary Medicine & First Responders (XTN088) 36.002014
Leadership, Accountability, Culture and Knowledge (LACK) (XTN085) 4.002020
Managing an Evacuation Shelter (XTN073) 8.002014
NFFF Courage To Be Safe "Train-the-Trainer" (XTN054) 8.00Ver12
NFFF Courage To Be Safe - General Delivery (XTN040) 4.00Ver12
Rescue 1: Rope Rescue Awareness & Operation (NFPA1006) (XTN098) 36.00 
Rescue Apprentice (XTN097) 20.00 
S-190/S-130 Wildland Firefighter (XTN078) 40.002012
Safe Practices for Traffic Incident Responders-SHRP2-Lecture (XTN047) 4.002013
Safe Practices for Traffic Incident Responders-SHRP2-Lecture and Exercises (XTN074) 8.002013
Sheltering for Disasters (XTN079) 8.002014
TCFP Basic Wildland Firefighter Skills Testing (XTN101) 8.00 
Wildland Fire Assessment Program (XTN089) 4.00TX
Wildland Firefighter Refresher (RT130) (XTN102) 4.00 
WMD Incident Complexities Responder 8 (XTN084) 8.002009

 Fee-Based Courses
NOTE: Fee-based courses may be requested, but will require online registration for each participant. Check our course schedule for available scheduled courses.

 NFA Courses
SelectCourse NameHrsVersion
Best Practices in Community Risk Reduction (NFA114) 14.002017
Calling the Mayday (NFA) (NFA091) 4.002014
Command and Control of Wildland/Urban Interface Fire Operations for the Structural Chief Officer (NFA) (NFA048) 16.002014
Courtroom Preparation and Testimony for First Responders (NFA) (NFA010) 14.002013
Decision Making for Initial Company Operations (NFA) (NFA073) 16.002018
Department Wellness Program (NFA) (NFA092) 12.002013
Executive Skills Series Exercising Leadership Ethically (NFA) (NFA093) 12.002014
Executive Skills Series Exercising Leadership Through Difficult Conversations (NFA) (NFA106) 14.002017
Executive Skills Series Exercising Leadership to Facilitate Adaptive Change (NFA) (NFA105) 11.002017
Executive Skills Series Exercising Leadership Within Communities (NFA) (NFA104) 14.002017
Fire Investigation: First Responders (NFA) (NFA102) 14.002020
Fire Prevention for First Responders and Small Departments (NFA) (NFA022) 12.002000
Fire Prevention for High Risk Populations: Age and Disability Factors (NFA) (NFA060) 17.002003
Fire Service Safety Culture - Who Protects Firefighters from Firefighters (NFA) (NFA108) 12.002017
Health and Safety Program Manager (NFA) (NFA024) 13.002019
ICS-300: Intermediate ICS for Expanding Incidents (NFA) (NFA064) 18.002013
ICS-400: Advanced ICS Command and General Staff-Complex Incidents (NFA) (NFA065) 14.002013
Incident Command System and Resource Management for the Fire Service (NFA) (NFA094) 13.002014
Incident Command System for High Rise Operations (NFA) (NFA050) 12.002014
Incident Safety Officer (NFA) (NFA029) 16.002018
Initial Response to Hazardous Materials Incidents: Basic Concepts (NFA) (NFA035) 12.002003
Instructional Techniques for Company Officers (NFA) (NFA031) 12.002007
Introduction to the Unified Command for All Hazard Incidents (NFA) (NFA095) 14.002018
Leadership in Supervision: Creating Environments for Professional Growth (NFA) (NFA107) 14.002018
Leadership in Supervision: Frameworks to Success (NFA) (NFA112) 14.002018
Leadership In Supervision: Growth-Thinking-Success (NFA) (NFA113) 40.002018
Leadership in Supervision: Perspectives in Thinking (NFA) (NFA111) 14.002018
Managing in a Changing Environment (NFA) (NFA046) 14.001995
New Fire Chief I - Challenging Issues (NFA) (NFA096) 11.002018
New Fire Chief II - Administrative Issues (NFA) (NFA097) 13.002018
New Fire Chief III - Contemporary Issues (NFA) (NFA098) 13.002014
Politics and the White Helmet (NFA) (NFA099) 15.002014
Preparation for Initial Company Operations (NFA) (NFA041) 16.002016
Preventing Fire Risk Based on Socioeconomic Factors-Rural and Urban Setting (NFA) (NFA063) 18.002003
Principles of Building Construction: Combustible (NFA) (NFA005) 12.002000
Principles of Building Construction: Non Combustible (NFA) (NFA004) 14.002000
Shaping the Future (NFA) (NFA047) 14.002017
Strategy and Tactics for Initial Company Operations (NFA) (NFA055) 14.002016
Training Operations in Small Departments (NFA) (NFA056) 16.002018
Wildland/Urban Interface Firefighting for the Structural Company Officer (NFA) (NFA088) 14.002017
Youth Firesetter Intervention Specialist (NFA) (NFA061) 16.002017
Youth Firesetter Program Manager (NFA) (NFA062) 16.002017