FreedomTest™ is a comprehensive online testing center that makes delivering online exams straightforward and simple. The web-based software allows you to create custom online or paper-based exams pulled from your own question bank. The program randomizes questions and answers to discourage cheating, scores exams immediately upon online submission, and allows both students and administrators to view exam results online.

FreedomTest is also used by large training providers to develop quizzes and deliver end of course exams. This makes generating fresh randomized exams for each class quick and easy. As a world-wide training provider reaching nearly 200,000 individuals a year, we should know. We don’t just sell FreedomTest; we use it ourselves!

FreedomTest is also integrated into our FreedomLearn™ Learning Management System software. Contact us today to learn more about our current FreedomTest deployments, and how you can get started!

Some Features

  • Deliver secure, randomized exams through your online testing center any time, to examinees around the world
  • Allow multiple subject matter experts to submit and evaluate potential test questions, categorizing questions into banks
  • Exams are scored immediately, so you may choose to provide instant feedback to examinees regarding their score and/or question-by-question results
  • Store and review exam statistics and item analysis to identify and eliminate ‘bad’ questions
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