Personnel Management Solutions

Personnel Records Management In the age of online driver’s license renewal and electronic health records, shouldn’t your organization’s personnel records be more automated too? Web-based personnel records are actually more secure, less likely to be lost or damaged, and more likely to be complete than paper records. What’s more, electronic records are more accessible, both to managerial staff and the personnel themselves.

The Knowledge Engineering Center helps organizations to document their existing processes and automate them to streamline records management. We have worked closely with government and non-profit organizations to improve efficiency and reduce costs related to staff time, printing, mailing, and storage. Allow our business process automation experts to assess your business and identify opportunities for bringing your records management into the 21st century.


Which product is best for me?

Built on a common platform, our Personnel Records Systems can be custom-tailored to fit the needs of your organization, no matter how large or complex it may be. In use by our own agency’s Human Resources team, our Personnel Records Systems help to organize personal information, training files and requirements by job title or position, as well as per individual.

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